If you suspect a tenant is selling drugs can you evict?

If he has had prior drug convictions...One while living on my property?
Answer:   Under Pennsylvania law 68 Pennsylvania Statutes § 250.505A, there must be a conviction or a siezure of drugs by the police while the person is a tenant:

Section 250.505-A.
Use of illegal drugs:

(a) The following acts relating to illegal drugs shall be a breach of condition of the lease and shall be grounds for removal of the tenant from a single-family dwelling,
apartment, multiple dwelling premises or tenement building:
(1) The first conviction for an illegal sale, manufacture or distribution of any drug in violation of the act of April 14, 1972 (P.L. 233, No. 64), known as the “The Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act,” on a single-family dwelling or any portion of the multiple dwelling premises or tenement;

(2) The second violation of any of the provisions of “The Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act” on a single-family dwelling or any portion of the multiple
dwelling premises or tenement;

(3) The seizure by law enforcement officials of any illegal drugs on the leased premises in the single-family dwelling or multiple dwelling premises or tenement.

(b) Failure to remove any tenant for violation of any of the provisions of subsection (a) shall not act as a waiver of the landlord’s rights with regard to the same or any
other tenant relating to any subsequent acts.



Note: The laws of your state of residence may be different. If you have further questions, consult an attorney.
No, but what you need to do is put a squeeze on him and get some of the profits, easy money.
You can evict for any reason (except for reasons like gender, age, sexual preference, racial, disability, etc) . Just follow the eviction laws for your state however (ie, provide 30 days or 60 days notice).
Be very careful with this. You can end up having your property seized by the government if someone is selling drugs there and you know that they are paying you in drug money.

My advice is to evict as quick as you can.
Did you know about the convictions and continue to let him live there? If so it will be harder to push eviction then if you just found out. Also what does your lease with the tenant say? Most have a clause that prohibits the tenant from using the property to do anything illegal. If you have such a statement that would provide grounds.

The other option that you could us is to refuse to renew the lease when the term is up. Nothing says you have to renew, and doing it this way can help prevent you from looking like you kicked him out because of his actions. (If he's selling drugs I wouldn't want to be on his bad side, only bad can come from that)
I would say no . You would need proof and let the Law take it from there. If you want them out anyway it would have to be for non payment of rent or other reasons specified in your contract with the tenant. Hope you have a good contract.
you need to follow the rules for your state. Look up the landlord/tenant laws for your state on the internet and follow them very carefully.
Yes you can. You could have right after his conviction. File the papers with the county clerk and his drug dealin butt will be on the street in 2 weeks. Yeah!

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