The Bible (Exodus 35:2) clearly states that my neighbor who works on the Sabbath should be put to death.......

I know my neighbor delivers newspapers and no one would get their Sunday paper anymore, but God's law is made clear in the Bible. How should he die?

Well that is the Old Testament and we do not live by the Old Testament any more.
Natural Causes - someday
The Sabbath is Saturday. Not Sunday. IS your neighbor a Jew? if not it doesn't matter.

Please come up with something original this one is getting old.

Next are you going to ask about your friend getting his hair trimmed? or about playing football?
He who lives by the law dies by the law. Those who live in faith have eternal life.
Prayers to you and yours. <><
A modern bible believer would find that slavery is better than execution.

I suggest you force him to wash your car, do yard work for you and so on. God will sort it out later, but in the meantime important work gets done.
Either stoning or being bored to death with bible quotes...
I guess your Bible is missing the pages that contain the New Testament, then. Get with the times, sir.
i say go for it you cant defy god or you will burn in hell babe!!, i think maybe dunking in the river till hes dead is a new and good way to go!xxx
he's not going to be killed, or die... but um the lord created the whole earth in six days and on the sevnth day he rested, god just wants us to respect him and take a day of rest with him, he wont kill him for delivering news papers!

good day.
Stone him! He is an infidel! The paper is a product of the pinko-communist liberal media anyway.

We should post every law in the bible on the walls of our courthouses, not just the ten commandments!
God's most important laws are to love God and love your neighbour. You can't go wrong with them.

Whilst He is breaking one of the lesser laws, to kill him would break one of the most important. If I were you I would tell Him of your concern for Him, but don't separate yourself from God on His behalf.
Good one. Get a gun. Actually, that law is there to separate the believers from the non-believers. To gain more followers, a little bit of threatening is useful.
hmm by that token fundie christians live by the law as well. something you should keep in mind
They weren't supposed to work on the Sabbath for soooooo many reasons.

1. If they had the nerve to claim to be one of GOD's children, the least they could do is spare one measly day for GOD.

2. By declaring a single, specific day, all of the Jews could worship together, instead of worshiping all at different times and days.

3. By all worshiping at the same time, they all stayed closer to the same page, instead of wandering off into the Boonies of Scripture (which would eventually case the Church to split and become hostile against itself).

4. Their father made em' do it (and if you want some place to stay tonight, and food, Damn you, you'll do it!!).

5. Food and money are important, buy if you work seven days a week like that in this heat, you'll die young. Then that butthole neighbor of yours will come take your widow and that would suck even worse.

6. Ect.
He should die by being beaten to death with old newspapers. But tell me, which day is the sabbath, because the Jews in the OT used the Jewish calender that started with the new moon.

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