What do you call a person who works in a morgue. It is not a mortitian?

Answer:   The people who work in morgues have different titles depending on their jobs...

Medical Examiner
Necropsy Technician

The concept of the MOrgue is fading. It used to be, when a person died, it there was no foul play suspected, the body was taken straight to the morgue. Now, almost all circumstances surrounding deaths require an autopsy by law. Becuase of the influx in bodies which require an autopsy, and because an autopsy is a medical procedure that must be conducted by a doctor, morgues have largely been incorporated into county hospitals where the resources, staff, and larger facitilies are redily available.
a doctor
undertaker? pathologist? coroner?
medical examiner, coroner, pathologist
Mortician is okay. The pathologist, coroner and so forth don't work at the morgue generally. Are you talking about a funeral home or the coroner's office.

At the funeral home, you have the mortician and the embalmer.

At the State or City Morgue, you have the pathologist, the coroner, and various other individuals.

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