What's the penalty for living & working illegally in the USA?

I am a Canadian who was living and working illegally in the USA for a couple of years because my husband didn't file my paperwork like he was supposed to. We are back in Canada now. Can I get in trouble if he brings this up during our divorce battle? What would the penalty be? Help - I'm scared!
Answer:   If you are now back in Canada you would be safe. You left of your own accord. It is highly unlikely that you could be extradited to the USA to face illegal immigration charges. Normally what happens if you are found to be an illegal immigrant you will be deported to the country from which you came. This would normally have to go before an immigration judge who would decide your fate. It would not matter if your partner brings this matter up at a divorce hearing, I doubt very much if anything will happen to you. The worst thing probably is that if you tried to enter the USA they might not grant you a visa, if the facts were proven. They could also give you a ten year ban from entering the USA. I think pretty much that's about the worst thing which could happen to you. Lucky you got out when you did and that you were not found and arrested. You can't really give the excuse that your husband did not file the papers, the onus of the law is on you to follow up the application, you cannot plead ignorance. I would not lose any sleep over this one though. Good luck.
No, the only pently would be getting deported (now that you are out of the US this shouldn't be a problem). You are fine.
Get on the bus lol
you could be forced to pay back taxes with a fine added. otherwise it would be deportation, but you dont live here anymore so thats out.
he could be jailed...
but when married it helps ohoh divorce makes it hairy..
youre in canada wait a second youre on different ground now...so dont worry
If you are back in Canada, there is probably little that can happen to you. The penalties can involve fines, but mostly they just deport people. That said, you need to be discussing this with an attorney anyway, so there is no sense in even asking here. Besides, he is equally responsible and liable for it. Good luck!
Well u get deported.
Not cool that you come here illigally not cool.
Do it right!
Apparently the penalty is getting citizenship if Bush gets his way.
A free bus ride home, but deportation is a lengthy and expensive process, so for people who aren't causing problems, it is rarely done.

If you are in Canada now, it is not an issue. Don't worry.
Well, if the current administration has its way it appears that if you whine loud enough and/or scream racism you will get automatic amnesty.
I think it is death...Just kidding@@@!!!! but i reallly think that it would be about 1 or 2 months in jail...good luck
Well, apparently if you are a Mexican, the penalty is... NOTHING. But for anyone else, they can deport you and ban you. And, yes -- he can and probably will bring it up in the divorce. It is leverage for him, and it really hurts you.

Sorry to say it. Good luck.
The real truth is that you will never be deported because the USA is too busy with illegals from the south. Canadians have come here, and we have gone there.

You all do not put irrational demands on our government or wave the Canadian flags at demonstrations. I too would love to visit Canada.
I doubt it to be a problem under Canadian law, you didn't break any Canadian laws, just American ones.

If you were still in the USA you would just be deported.
i seriously doubt anything will happen to you! your already back in canada, so they cant deport you and there are so many illegals right now that its insane.

i seriously doubt anything will happen to you, dont worry!

Pretty much nothing since you aren't in the US anymore. Could be a problem if you try to come back though.
I don't think you can, since you are back, if they didn't get you they probably won't.

but if you recieved benefits thanks for using my tax money to benefit you I appreciate it.

maybe I will report you though and find out.
I'm kidding

don't listen to the liberals on here, nobody else in life listens to them.
If you are back in Canada there is literally nothing that anyone can do especially if you paid taxes if not the worst that could happen is you might have to pay the taxes on the money you made.
Your husband would get himself into trouble. Cause he did not file paperwork properly. As such I would seek an attorney that is familiar with International/Immigration law.
I think you could be fined back taxes, not filing paper work, unlawful stay in the USA. Preventing from ever able to return to the USA. Like I say use an attorney. You hubby would be stupid to bring that up. It would kill his *** good bye.
right now the pentaly is free health care, legal reps, forms in your native tounge, and tax free income and a jump to front of the line when you decide to legalize
oh no. if you are in canada and from canada big deal, if where in u s they could deport you
No penalty so no worries mate. Nobody the can bust you cares.
And they'[re not looking for you either.
deportation DUH
If you entered the United States illegally you have committed a federal offense. You can be prosecuted and spend up to two years in prison for each offense. (You have to be caught in the US)

Working illegally in the United States can go either way. This is how that works;
1)you are a Canadian citizen and you are working. If you have an American social security number which a lot of Canadian workers do, you are paying taxes and into social security that you will never get back. Unless you can supply an American visa you can be paying into the American social security fund for ten to fifteen years and never see a penny.

2.If you were working for money under the table and not paying taxes, then the IRS will want to talk to you! HOWEVER, if you were working under the table and never got caught there is no evidence. Unless the reason you are back in Canada is because you were caught, you will be in good shape.
No need to worry at all! You are in Canada, and even if you were in the States, the worst that could happen is deportation and they don't bother with that. I know Canadians who have spent years in the States, they work there, buy houses, and no one bothers them. After all, Americans come to Canada and work and we don't make trouble for them. Some of them even abuse our health care system. Your husband can always try to scare you but don't hire an attorney (waste of money) just for that. Judges don't take kindly to husbands who make frivolous accusations in a divorce case. Stop worrying dear. Be happy!
Don't worry about it. Like the others said you would just get deported and kind of hard to do since your in your homecountry. Anyway most Americans feel Canada is like an extension of the US(don't get pissed of Canadians). I just mean that Canada is like a brother to the US. If he is an American and the divorce will be handled in the U.S. then he would be more likely to get in trouble.

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