Can someone be sued for non-payment on eBay?

I bid on something of substantial value from eBay, and when I was dealing with the seller after the auction ended he was really shady and pushy, and I became really uncomfortable sending him a money order for that amount of money because he was showing warning signs I've been told can lead to fraud. It's been like 6 days and now he is threatening to "call his lawyers" about it... is there actually anything he can do, or is he just being a jerk some more?

In this country, anyone can sue anyone for any reason. That being said, does it make economic sense to sue you over non payment for something on eBay? Nope. No lawyer is going to take this case as there is no payout for them.

Anyone that threatens to sue you for for something a trivial as an eBay auction is clearly a shyster. There are valid reasons for not accepting paypal for expensive items. It is actually very easy to defraud the seller when paypal is used as payment. In your case, I think you made the right decision by not paying the seller.

The worst that will happen is the seller will file a non paying bidder against you and give you negative feedback. As long as you don't have 2 non paying bidder complaints in the same month, it will not affect your eBay account. However, if you accumulate too many non paying bidder strikes, eBay may suspend your account.

Don't bother to answer this seller's phone calls or reply to any emails. I will just be a waste of your time.

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he can complain to ebay and leave you negative feedback and he can complain about you to paypal.

if you have received no actual product then there really can't be any legal action taken by the seller.

i suppose the bidding process could be viewed as a contract of sorts, but i really don't think that it's possible to take legal action based on backing out of a ebay auction.

also there is a process for him, by which he can offer the item to the next bidder in line, assuming that there is one.

however, if they are sending you threatening e-mails i would complain about him to both ebay and paypal.

paypal complaints carry a lot of weight, far more than ebay.

contact paypal and just tell them the story, including whatever made you think there might be fraud involved.
I suppose it's theoretically possible but I think the seller is required to hash it out with you through eBay's channels first. I hope it all works out for you during that phase and it doesn't actually get taken to court. Just make sure you hold on to any emails from the seller or other correspondence through eBay.
I have heard of cases of sellers suing buyers for failure to complete an Ebay contract, but I never heard the outcome. You mihgt try offering to pay the seller's fees for relisting this item. He should be able to have the final value fee credited to his account by reporting the sale not completed.
I would report him to eBay. There are alot of great sellers and buyers out there, as well as some not so nice ones too! I don't think he can actually sue you. Be sure to check people's seller ratings before bidding.
Good Luck!
when winning a bid, technically you have entered a contract. but i dont think he can sue you. you have your reasons not to trust him. so keep all emails, maybe report his abusive attitude to ebay.
Don't think so, you can only give them a bad feedback.

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