When you have a baby does that make u a adult.?

I'm 16 years old and i have a 1 year old son. And i was wondering, I have been told that once u have a baby in the state of Texas you are considered a adult and can move and ect,
is that true? And any links to places that say it would be nice so i can proof too show my dad

"A minor is not automatically emancipated by having a baby. However, Texas law allows a teen parent to make all decisions regarding the minor's child." http://www.janesdueprocess.org/info_preg...
no it makes you an undraged mommy.
there are many people who are older but are still not adults.
if you're a 16 year old mother you've got a lot of growing up to do. i hope your baby doesn't suffer too much in the process
Check with the local Legal Aid - yellow pages- and ask them.
Sorry, but no, having a child in TX does not change your legal status as an adult. You can, however, sue your parents to become emancipated. It is a difficult process, but I have known people who have successfully done so. I hope everything works out for you.
No it just makes you a mom. Just because your a mom does not mean your an adult! when your an adult you are fully developed and mature and you usually support yourself and make your own decisions but having a baby doesn't change anything. Like say you had a baby at the age of 7(not that thats possible but) you'd still be a child and not an adult.
I would say your not a adult cause you had a baby, the only way you can become a full grown adult is if you believe you have became responsible enough to say yourself that your a adult.
Sorry. Having a baby at the tender age of 15 just makes you a child with a child.

Listen to your daddy.
You may have already proven to your Dad all he needs...

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