Why is the flag at half mast at the fire station and only the fire station today?

I don't know where your fire station is, but in the SF bay area (not SF itself), 2 firefighters were killed trying to rescue an elderly couple in a house fire. I don't recall the name of the town offhand. Maybe someone in your fire dept. died.
I noticed that at my firestation today too.
Probably b/c some firefighters died. I don't know where you live, but in Contra Costa county in CA two firemen died this week in a horrific house fire. Perhaps they are paying solidarity to our fallen men. I'm sure other firemen have also died recently, as they are many wildfires burning right now. In fact, a fire helicopter crashed and killed the pilot in CA as well. That's my best guess.
Firefighters died. It was in the news.
to show respect to other brothers who have died in the line of duty when they pass in a accident
Probably because a firefighter was down. Why don't the fire fighters put the flag at half mast when our soldiers are killed? I quess protecting America doesn't rate with fire fighters?

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