Why do some people have problems with authority?

My husband has a hard time dealing with Authority. I can't speak about other people, but I can explain his issue.

For him it is about respect. He doesn't understand that in order to get respect you have to give respect. He also doesn't understand that you do not have to like someone to respect them. He will not respect someone until they respect him first and it doesn't work that way.
because they dont like being told what to do
Because they bad !!
some people are not well trained in controlling people.

thats why when they have power in their hands, they dont know how to fully use it in the right way.

in the end they end up abusing it for their own selfish gain.
because it human nature not to be told what to do all of the time.. they think they know what is good for you even if its not so that why you have that problem!!1
Because they are independant free thinkers who don't like to be told what to do or how to live by other people's (usually the majority's) standards.
because oft times authority is wrong!
What makes you think I have a problem with authority?

It's authority that has a problem with me!
Some people are anarchists. Order and authority hold societies together. Usually people who don't like authority are druggies.
Surely it depends on the nature of the authority and how it interacts with the person in question?

Although if you're looking for a generalisation, I would say that if everybody conformed to the demands of authority there would be no space for dissidence in society, and this is necessary for the development of a democratic culture
becuase authority figures have the right to punish and some people (me for example) really hate that. so we like to push the envelope and see how far we can get.
i dont have a "problem", and your not the boss of me!
because they try throwing their weight around! i get along with authority if they give me my space & don't try to force any rules down my throat. but if they get in my face, act snobby & try putting the law down my throat, then there WILL be a problem!
A way smarter person then I said "Always Question Authority"
Albert Einstein
Gopher Syndrome? Didn't you know everyone has a Boss. Think about it.
Since they are the center of the Universe, they believe that THEY are the authority and cannot conceive that anyone would know better.
You mean like Eve eating the apple?

It is part of humanity.
As a child in school this person was picked on by others and was always looked down on.
This means as early as k-1 the problem started up and all the kids were kids of authority in his little world due to the fact maybe he was too shy and became afraid of reality and never developed good interpersonal skills.
so as an adult today he always has his or her guard up for any one of authority. The reason why this is my answer is this person sounds like my son who is now 25 years old and he has this same problem today. Every were he goes to work it's not long before he can not get along with his supervisor and usually quits his job in 6 month's to 1 year. My son developed ADLHD due to kids picking on him. My son was drug and alcohol free, so I know that was not a problem as he grew older.
Power. No one likes to be mugged. Its just that some people voluntarily cede someone else to have authority over them. They perhaps believe that they themselves gave the authority to the government. But the government is over-reaching their authority, it is no longer by consent of the governed. And it has to be stopped or it will get much worse.

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