Threatened someone over the phone?

Ok, basically I threatened someone over the phone that I knew where they lived, and I would do all kinds of bad stuff to them. Needless to say, I really lost my cool, and regretted it instantly after I calmed down. The guy called me back, and said he was taking a warrant out for my arrest, claimed to have it recorded, and claimed to have witnesses. This made me regret losing my cool even more. The state I live in its legal for a phone call to be tape recorded as long as one party has consented. Can I be arrested for this? I'm not sure if he has a recording, tbh. I doubt that part, but I certainly did say things that only a pyscho would say.

1st don't be stupid and say another word to this person.
2nd do not put any energy into this situation
3rd If he recorded you, he must tell you that you are being recorded unless you called him on something like a 1 800 number where he paid for the call.
As far as you being arrested, that's going to depend on who it was, Bill or Hellary expect it, just another common Joe, I wouldn't lose a lot of sleep over. Anyone inbetween maybe look at getting a protection warrant if the person wants to futher the event.
Call your phone company and put a block on their phone number which would show that you no longer wish to provoke the issue.
Yep, you can take a warrant out for threats made over the phone. In VA you can get in more trouble for threatening someone or cursing over the phone than if you do it in public.
That he recorded the call, doubt he did that, now if he has witnesses, he can certainly press charges for threats of bodily harm as well as harassment. When I was a young dumb kid, we pranked a guy and went way too far and yes, the police did come knocking on our doors the only reason we didn't get in trouble was because we were kids and the guy dropped the charges knowing it was a prank.
You can be arrested for making terroristic threats. Chances are though, that he doesn't have a recording unless he was expecting you to call. He is probably threatening you back.

Not much you can do except wait a while.
At this time all you can do is wait and see. It wouldn't hurt to call and apologize to him either.
Did you consent to being taped and you knew about it PRIOR to the taping? If not, then they can't use the tape for ANYTHING, period. I wouldn't worry about it. I personally would call the person on it and make a point to let them know that it is not admissible in a court of law. As to the comment about witnesses, why is he so paranoid that he needs someone to listen into his conversations?
You could go to the police and say he was harrassing you. You don't have to say anything about the threat you made until he does. Just be lucky you didn't say you were gunna blow his brainz out. Or you cud hang right up when he callz again or say this threat "I'ma say ur tryna rape me or harass me if u call me again ya hear?"
It really gives you something to think about, doesn't it ???

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