Can a company legally not hire you because you are being charge with a felony crime?

I am being charged for a felony i didn;t commit. i haven;t been convicted yet. but noone will hire me. is this legal. aren;t you not guilty until provin guilty. what jobs can you do

I'm pretty sure it's legal. Since you do have a pending felony charge, the business has the right to not hire you.
I am not 100% sure but I think all companies reserve that right.
Of course they can use that as criteria to not hire you.
think about it logially, if you ran a business, would youwant dodgy people working for you? You would have to admit that by even being considered to be charged, you would be considered to be a poor employment prospect by a potential employer.
I'm not sure it's legal for them to have that information.
If your being charged for a felony, you should have a lawyer. You should ask them the next time you see him.
This is NOT legal because you have not been convicted of a crime yet. It is illegal (!) for a prospective employer to ask "Have you ever been arrested?" or "Have you ever been charged with a crime?" Those are illegal questions.

It is legal for an employer to ask "Have you ever been convicted (!) of a crime?" The employer can then deny the employment if you had been convicted(!) of a felony.
Regardless of whether you or not you have been charged with a felony, any company can refuse to hire you just because they feel like it. The only restriction is discrimination. If you were told that the felony charge was the reason for your rejection and then they hired someone equally qualified with a pending charge, you would have a case.
Yep, it's legal for them not to hire you. The company has no idea once your charged if you'll be able to make bail, if your going to become a resident of your states compulsory hotel, or what ramifications your charges carry in contrast to their insurance carriers requirements. They have every right to screen applicants for suitability (forgotten by the person attending law class), for employment. Your criminal history is directly correlated to your propensity to commit further criminal acts within the company, placing the company in jeopardy.

Any company in ANY state can obtain your arrest record legally to determine if you lied in application. If the application begs the question and you lie, then you're likely to be fired for lying. Not answering, withholding information in the application process (even verbal interview), substantiates cause for release from employment.

How do you think police departments weed out applicants? Ever heard of a department being sued because they wouldn't hire a person pending formal felony charges, or having a felony record? I don't know of any police department/agency that DOESN'T ask "have you ever been arrested"? The U.S. Supreme Court already decided the constitutionality of it's asking.
the only things they cant take into consideration when not hiring you is your gender, race, religion, etc. a person could not hire me simply because they didnt like the color of my shirt, they can certainly not hire you because you have pending felony charges.

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