does a person by law have to be embalmed when they die?

No. It is an individuals choice whether to be embalmed or not. This is at least the case in Australia. You will also find with the Semitic religions there is no embalming as they have their burials the next day. Embalming has less to do with decay as it does with aesthetic presentation of the body to the family. Temperature is more relevant to the initial decaying process of the body. However over time embalming is important if the body is to remain unburied or uncremated for an extended period.
No, they can be creamated.
i think if they can afford it unless you mean like egyptian embalmed then no
nope, even if you aren't cremated you don't HAVE to be embalmed. I think in some cultures with a fast burial time, you don't get embalmed. I had a relative die that didn't want an open casket wake, and she wasn't embalmed.
i think so.
no. embalming only lasts for a certain amount of days before the body starts to um decay. but without embalming, the body would start to decay almost immediately.

so say someone dies today, there are still funeral arrangements to be made and its very very difficult to make all the arrangements by tomorrow. the body will start to decay tomorrow, so if the funeral is after tomorrow, then you would need to embalm the body so that it doesnt decay until next week. if you dont embalm it, then at the funeral, there would be a decaying corpse. and ya. i dunno if that makes sense but there itis

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