Can I have a USA driving license without residency papers ?

I am in USA for 6 months and I have international driving licence and I want to have USA driving licence what should I do ??

If you are here legally then many states will issue you a drivers license. States, not the Federal government, provide licenses unless you are in the military or unless you are a foreign diplomat.

If you are here illegally and for this reason you have no papers then GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY.
So you have no pares to prove that you are in this country legally?

Maybe you should go back to your country and apply to get papers.
Nope, you have to be a citizen or a legal resident to get a US drivers license. Sorry.
If you don't have papers to get in this country then you are an illegal alien, there is NO LEGAL way for you to get a US ID, you need to go home and get documentation (legal docs.) then you may return and go through all the legal channels to get what you need!!!
Do you have car insurance?!?!?!?!
Nana, go to the Department of Motorized Vehicles website ( ... i would have done it for you but i am pretty sure the law changes according to what stat you are in.
It used to be that you could use your country's driving license for the period of stay in your passport. But with the growing xenophobia, i suggest you make sure.
I'm not sure about that but you can definitely have free health insurance and free college tuition, which is more than I can say for myself, a struggling, underpaid veteran of this country. Go to it, and have a great time. You've got the easy life my friend.
I'll bet you could get it alot faster then I CAN.

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