Can two felons on probation get married?

My current gf and I are thinking of getting married... We are both felons on probation she got a violation of probation and now the courts have said we can not have any contact... We have been together for almost a year and neither of us want to quit talking to the other... We are trying to find a way around that order... They say the only contact you can have with a felon is if they are a family member... If we got married that would make us family right? We plan on getting married anyways so it would not be an impulse decision just sooner than we planned... So could they ban us and/or get in more trouble? Obviously if we got married it would show that we had contact with each other... We live in Oklahoma and i thought i would ask here before i had to pay for a lawyers answer.

It's not a good idea to test the judge on this one. I've worked criminal law and a judge's order is finite until it is revoked. I've seen many people go back to jail for violating probation by willfully contacting other felons. As for the scheme to get married, it' probably not the best idea. A judge is not going to look too favorably on you if you try to "outsmart" him. The best advice I can give is to just wait out your probation and then get married once you're finished.
Only your PO can tell you.
I'd have to agree...check with both of your PO's and good luck. cannot have contact. She'll go to jail.

You can't just "get married" there's paperwork that you have to contend with TOGETHER before you can actually go through the ceremony.

Which would violate her probation.

Getting together in ANY fashion to actually HAVE a ceremony involves contact.even if you did it by phone.

And since this ceremony will happen BEFORE you're married, she's violated her probation.

Do you have no common sense?

I'll send her a sympathy card in jail...cause that's where she'll be.
Sorry, in order to GET married, you would have to violate your probation by having contact.
Sounds like a match made in heaven

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