Is it legal/illegal to sell hydroponics and grow lights?

I have come into possetion of some equipment which i am sure is worth something but am not sure if i should sell it or ditch it.

i dont want to get into trouble but dont know where i stand with the law?

It is legal, people use hydroponics and grow lights to grow legitimate vegetables.
They are legal on their own.
nope legal to own and sell and use, it is only if you use them for growing of stuff that is agaist the law you will get busted.

so perfectly legal to sell them as long as you do not knowingly sell them to someoe you know will use them to break the law, i am sure you know what i mean
you can seel light and hydroponics, you just can't sell what everyone knows you are going to use them for! Make sure tehy are very clean and if they are not new I would pitch them.
Sure as long as you don't throw in a free bag of seeds!!
yes you can own them and sell them legally (its just the growing of weed thats illegal).
In the UK it is legal to sell everything you need to grow hash,lights are bought by gardeners and the other equipment is also unrestricted,It is also legal to sell the cannabis seeds.
It only becomes illegal when you germinate the seeds,the other equipment would then be used by the police for prosecution purposes but they would still be legal to own.
They are legal by themselves, but if you have as much as a couple seeds or some shake in the same building as them then it becomes a felony (in most states). You can sell them, but if you don't appear reputable don't be surprised if an advertisement doesn't peak the interest of your local law enforcement agency. If you want to cover your *** then don't sell the stuff to someone you know is going to use it to grow hydro..
Not illegal. Owing and selling horticulture equipment is not illegal. There are legitamte things, other then 420 that can be grown hydroponically.
No, it's not illegal to sell or own, Here in Arizona hydroponics it's very popular since the soil is so hard and it gets so hot in the summer. It grows really good tomatoes.
the legal use for them is growing unusual fruit & vegetables, though some do use them for other purposes. It's also not illegal to own or sell books like this -
Grow Great Marijuana: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World's Finest Cannabis by Logan Edwards
Even amazon sell it -

in the UK

and the USA

Though you can get into trouble if caught using them for growing weed!
It is no more illegal to own and sell than "disposable lighters" that can be used to light up a doobie.

People use grow lights all the time for indoor plants. That doesn't mean they are growing pot.

You might want to check out the buyer. A littel old lady would be a better bet than an 18 year old "hippie" looking freak.


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