Is it legal or illegal to watch internet porn in Virginia?

Answer:   I just did a quick read of the Virginia statues and there does not appear to be any statue against merely watching obscence material via the internet.

Transporting it, showing it to other people (especially minors), and telling others where they get it is another matter. All of these are prohibited.

I doubt that any state could outlaw viewing internet porn. It's one of those "in the bedroom" things that the Supreme Court is not likely to uphold. They can, however, ban selling and providing it.

Kiddie porn, but the way is another matter. Mere possesion can be a crime (and is VA).

Here's part of the statue. Note that mere possesion is ok. Just don't have the intent to sell. WARNING: THIS IS PROVIDED FOR DISCUSSION USE ONLY. See a Lawyer if you need want good advice. I am not a VA legal professional, and can't be relied on.

VA ST ยง 18.2-382

It shall be unlawful for any person knowingly to:

(1) Prepare any obscene item for the purposes of sale or distribution; or

(2) Print, copy, manufacture, produce, or reproduce any obscene item for purposes of sale or distribution; or

(3) Publish, sell, rent, lend, transport in intrastate commerce, or distribute or exhibit any obscene item, or offer to do any of these things; or

(4) Have in his possession with intent to sell, rent, lend, transport, or distribute any obscene item. Possession in public or in a public place of any obscene item as defined in this article shall be deemed prima facie evidence of a violation of this section.

For the purposes of this section, "distribute" shall mean delivery in person, by mail, messenger or by any other means by which obscene items as defined in this article may pass from one person, firm or corporation to another.