Can you get paid for taking care of someone with a disiabilty?

My friend is disabile and she stays with me, I take her to her doctors appoitnments and get her mecidan, and give it to her daily. I also cook, clean, and wash her. And someone told me I could get paid for it by the government. is this true and if so how could get it?

Try checking with your local DSHS office. I know in Washington state you can get paid for what you do. Good luck!
If she is receiving disability benefits then she can apply.
You would probably have to do it as a job, I dont think the government will pay you for taking care of your friend. But I personnally think its great that you do that for your friend and the world needs more people like u.
She might be able to recieve SSI through Social Security Ad.
yes it is called a licensed practical nurse. you take a course for a year and get a license from the state. YOU MUST BE LICENSED.
I took care of my aunt who was paralyzed, and I was paid to do it. I would contact family services in your area, and they can tell you who to contact. That is how I found out I could be paid to care for her.
That might work if you knew something about it. It sounds like you are running her errands and such but to physically take care of someone you need to be doing a LOT MORE! Home health care is the profession you are speaking of, I believe. The ones I have met and known have training in physical therapy, diets, at least a basic knowledge of first aid, and also get to run errands, do housework, bathe them, and I'm sure there are a million more things I've not even mentioned. Your friends disability does not give you a free ride on us the taxpayers. Get real!!!

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