Why do turtles and trees live longer than men? THE BIBLE'S ANSWER!!?


We are supposed to be the dominant specie on earth, yet a turtle (named George) in Galapagos Island is said to be 300 years old. Or, take a sequoia tree in California it’s been around for 3,000 years. Yet, man’s average life span is only 80 years give or take a few more. Why is this so?
If you are a religious person (Muslim, Christian, Jewish, etc) likely you would have been taught that God loves us. Yet, have you considered this paradox: ‘if God loves us, then why do turtles and trees live longer than men’? Does God love turtles and trees more than men?
Many probably have asked this question—in one form or another—from their Imams, priest, pastor, or rabbi. But, sadly they did not get any satisfactory answer. In all probability your religion teacher would have told you that our lives on this earth is only temporary. We are bound to go to heaven and be united with Allah, or God.
But, this kind of answer raises more questions than settle the issue. If we—meaning the meek and kind among us—are bound for heaven, then why did God create us on earth and not in heaven? Why were Adam and Eve placed on earth and not in heaven? Or, why did God bring the Jews—after miraculously parting the Red Sea—to the Promised Land and not just brought them to heaven?
Look no further. The answer lies in the Bible. It claims to be God’s words so it must contain the answers to life’s most difficult questions—including why turtles live longer than men. ( Exodus 34:27; 2Timothy 3:16)
In the beginning, God placed the first humans—Adam and Eve—on a beautiful paradise called Eden. They were to take care of it. In other words make the whole earth just like Eden, a Paradise. ( Genesis 1:27-29; 2:15 ) To remind them that He is their Sovereign King he made just one law for them to obey—THEY NO EAT THAT FRUIT, THEY NO DIE.—Genesis 2:17 ( Well, not exactly on those words, just so you smile and break your “ho- ho-hum—there-goes-the-preacher... syndrome.) Imagine the

implication of those words! If Adam and Eve did not eat that fruit, if they did not rebel against God, and followed Satan instead, they would still be around much longer than George the turtle, and Sequioa the tree! And, the whole earth would have been a paradise!
Yes, Bob (or Hammad, or whoever you are) we were created by our Heavenly father not just to live for 80 or so years. We were supposed to spend life eternally on a paradise earth. Try reading Psalm 37:28,29; 115:16. Or, if you happen to open Isaiah’s book read chapter 45, verse 18.
After, Adam and Eve’s fall, their children (our) lives became shorter and shorter. At first, God gave the early humans centuries to live. For example, Methuselah lived for 967 years. (Genesis 5:27) Then we became so bad. Before Noah’s flood, God shortened our average life span to just 120 years. (Genesis 6:3) Apparently we forgot the lesson about the flood—we fornicated left and right, worship other gods, etc—that God got angry with us. Israel—the people of the Book—is our model for disobedience. We grew from bad to worse. Moses, under inspiration by God, said that our average life span would be around 70 or so years. ( Psalm 90:8-10)
But, remember that God is Almighty. Whatever he said should come true—or he is not God. ( Isaiah 55:11) Remember, he purposed the earth to become a paradise, and be populated with men-- obedient and meek ones of course—who will live not just for a few thousand or million of years, but eternally. Read again Psalm 37:28,29. This time add John 17:3.
How will God restore Paradise on earth? Jesus Christ, his Son, gave us the answer when he taught us how to pray. Let your Kingdom come, Jesus said. Your will be done on earth, he added. ( Matthew 6:10) Actually, when he was still on earth, Jesus gave us a fore-gleam of God’s kingdom. He resurrected Lazarus, a boy, and others back to life on earth. (John 11:39-44; Luke 7:11-15; 8:49-55). No, Johnny, he did not send them to heaven. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! He fed thousands with just a few loaves of bread, cured the sick, and calmed stormy seas.
( Matthew 14:14-21; 12:13-15; 8:23-27) Before he died, he

promised that there will be resurrection of our dead loved ones. (John 5:28,29) He promised a thief that soon he would live on paradise earth. (Luke 23:39-43; Matthew 5:5)
When God’s kingdom--represented by New Jerusalem--will come down on earth there will be no more death, nor sickness, nor any anguish. Says who? Read Revelations 21:2-4. There will be food for all, says Psalm 72:16. Old ones will become teen-agers again says Job 33:25.
How do you like that? Do you wish to live forever on a paradise earth? Then here is the key: get to know more about God, and his Messenger, Jesus Christ. (John 17:3)
You know the name of His Son, Jesus. But, do you know the name of this loving, kind, merciful, and Almighty God who promised to restore paradise earth? Oh, in the King James version of the Bible, His name is JEHOVAH. ( Exodus 6:3; Psalm 83:18) He is the God of gods. (Deuteronomy 10:17 ) Jesus acknowledged Jehovah as his God. ( John 14:28; 17:6; 20:17 )
Did you say you were taught the wrong way about the Bible? Then let me help you. Contact me at this address:

Once the earth has been restored to paradise by Jehovah, humans will live forever.
Um, this SOOOOO isn't a question.

In case you hadn't noticed.
I agree this is really not a question and you are not going to find any answer to that question in the bible try biology. I think religion is an excusse not to use science because it scares them, that the bible might be wrong or not the answer to everything!
I hate to say this Bro., but your ? is to long.

Cong. Calimesa, CA
What is your question?? All I see is preaching.

So let me ask a question...

If Eve & Adam had to first eat the fruit to know good and evil, then it means before they ate they didn't know the difference. So why were they punished for not being good when you have to first eat to know that you are not good?
its cause they made a special pact with nature, and that is in the trees case:i shall help creating oxygen.And in the turtles case:I shall absorb as many salmonella bacterias as possible to keep that foul virus away from man.

You learn something every day dont you mate!?
they live longer because us humans sin very much and we dont follow the bible like gods says to but in order to reach to god you have to get to jesus because we are full of sin . your answer doesnt make much sice so this is the best of my ability.
Actually eve was NOT adam's 1st wife. his 1st wife was lillith. she refused to be submissive to adam and did not eat of the forbidden fruit, so she was not punished under the penalty of death. eating of the fruit was punishable by death.

so now a question for you . . . is lillith still alive?? she (from what i undertand) was created without a soul just like the angels and the demons. IF she has no soul and was not punished by death then she would still be alive and, hence, much older than your tree OR your turtle.

so maybe it's man's fault that we don't live longer.
I will like a stupid one bite the hook. Start with Genesis 1:9-l0 then tell me how long you can hold your breath and how deep you want to go. God does answer this question very clearly for those who spend a lot of time listening in the blank spaces quietly and not thinking about writing questions that are designed to give answers. Anyone can make a book say what they want it to say, just turn on a religious program. However it takes a different spirit to listen to what is really written and why it is as it is. Such is called in simplicity a student looking for constantly consistent truth.

I was looking for that address to reply to but did not find it in the many words explaining in detail the "question". Just for a start I do notice in my simple reading three words are used in Genesis chapter 1 and chapter in respect to Adam, man, mankind or whatever is your choice. Those words are formed, made, and create or created in one of their forms. The bible goes into great detail to define these words and their many, many views. So hold your words and start there. I am sure you will eventually find God made the turtles and the trees so mankind would open his eyes and learn from the simple yet very complexed objects that are all around him everywhere to be observed. Why not take some time and read the bible to really learn what it is all about and what it does say to those who do want to learn.

Have a good day and smile while you take life one day at a time.
First of all, keenweaner, Lillith was NOT adam's first wife. Question: "Who was Lilith / Lillith? Does the Bible say anything about Adam having another wife before Eve?"

Answer: There are un-Biblical legends that Adam had a wife before Eve who was named Lilith. The legends vary significantly, but they all essentially agree that Lilith left Adam because she did not want to submit to him. According to the legends, Lilith was an evil, wicked woman who committed adultery with Satan and produced a race of evil creatures. None of this is true. There is no Biblical basis whatsoever for these concepts. There is no one in the Bible named Lilith. Genesis chapter 1 does not record the creation of Lilith with Genesis chapter 2 recording the creation of Eve. Rather, Genesis chapter 2 is a "closer look" at the creation of Adam and Eve as recorded in Genesis chapter 1. The Bible specifically says that Adam and Eve were the first human beings ever created (Genesis 1:26-28; 2:18-25). This "Lilith" myth is popular in some radical feminist movements because Lilith is an example of a woman refusing to submit to male headship -

2nd - the bible does tell us why men's days have been shortened. Methusala lived to be 969 (Genesis 5:27). The more man sinned, the more man's life was shortened.

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