Can you write a judge a letter in family court if the first hearing went bad?

My wife went to court without a lawyer and figured to try to resolve the issue quickly, and her ex- had a lawyer, those in law know that went real bad for her. The bad thing is the guy's lawyers helped him make my wife look bad, especially since we looked on-line about how to represent yourself in court,afterward, and we see where she went so wrong. Would it be inappropiate to write the judge and explain? This is in Dallas County though. The sad thing is SHE IS FILING TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT, so the judge can set visitation rights, cause this guy not been allowing my wife to see her now, 9 year old son. The lawyer made it seem like the guy was the one filing and that my wife was being neglectful. It a very sad situation for my wife who has three other children she supports at home, and continue to apply herself toward an education. It's a situation where since we dont have much money cant afford a lawyer, and a guy who wants to control. Her son hasn't been able to have a life with hismom

No, it could be considered tampering. Get an attorney if you have something to explain explain it to him/her. At that time if there is info you can refile and take it from there.
you should have explained in court.

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