How can you believe in the seat belt law AND the Constitution?

Answer:   because!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Believe it, because they both exist.
And exactly what provision of the Constitution do you believe pertains to the validity of seat belt laws? Driving is a privilege granted by the states. Driving without a seat belt is not a right protected by the Constitution.

The thing that most people don't get is that seat belts don't just prevent injuries to the driver and passengers, seat belts also PREVENT ACCIDENTS. as a driver maneuvers around a dangerous situation, on the road, the driver can maintain control of the vehicle because he or she is strapped in. Why do you suppose they put seat belts in jet fights? It certainly isn't to prevent injuries in case of a crash.
Assuming you're implying that seat belt laws are unconstitutional?

It's possible because people not wearing seatbelt endangers more than the lives of the person who refuses to wear it. an impact where the person is tossed around could injure others in the car, or if ejected can injure or kill other drivers.

Plus, driving is a privilege, not a right.
Well seat belts are for safety...kinda need that so people don't get killed...and we need the Constitution for controlling our country. I easily can believe in both. If your saying the seatbelt law is unconstitutional you make no sense,
You dont own the roads the cities do. You do not have the right to drive on them, you are granted the privilege. They can make any law they want about the roads.
the seat belt law is a violation of our rights and I know people who feel very strongly about this issue and refuse to wear seat belts because the law violates the constitution
It is pretty foolish to not wear a belt. But, it is just as foolish to have to be forced to do so by our government.
Because the 10th Amendment authorizes states to enact such laws, under their general plenary authority to protect the welfare and safety of the state population.

I don't agree with them for philosophical and political reasons, but they are not unconstitutional.
That is a real problem. Since the seatbelt law eliminates a freedom, in fact could be used as the argument, that the government looks upon citizen as its property.
YOU belong to the CROWN.
It is my thought that NOTHING, should interfere with personal freedom. It has total priority (as long as you don't hurt someone else.)
Seat belt law is valid because it is for the safety of the motorists and passengers. The imposition of the seat bealt belt law is within the provisions of the Constitution because it is a valid exercise of the police power of the state to implement laws for safety.
That is a stupid comparison. When the constitution
was written, they didn't even have cars. Come to
think about the right to bear arms....they didn't have sub-machine guns back then either.
I get your point and believe me when the seat belt law was first instated it really ticked me off. The insurance companies had enough money to tweak the legal system to manage to pass this mean-spirited law, along with the helmet law for motorcycles. I for one could never figure out the logic -- the insurance companies were claiming that more injuries result from not wearing seat belts or helmets. Seems to me that more fatalities are caused by not doing such, so I never got what they were griping about. If you're dead, there's no long term care. But I agree it is a real infringement of my rights to not be able to cruise on a mountain road on a warm summer day with the wind blowing through my hair, without some #$*(&(#*& helmet making me itch, ruining my peripheral vision, and making me feel less free. Same with seatbelts.

The moral of this story? Money talks. Put that in your Constitution and smoke it.
Both are a restraint that helps saves lives in everyday life to country and life.
Wow looks like we have lost all hope. Lets remember one thing people, its our taxes that pay for government and all involved work for us. Remember we the people for the people?We have let the government completely take away so many of our freedoms we think its best for us. Seat belt law sucks. However seat belts should be common sense and we shouldn't need our government telling us how to apply common sense, they apply it the least.
The Founding Fathers were never in favor of a nanny state. If you think hard enough, you can come up with a hundred laws to make us safer.
There is no constitutionally guaranteed right to being needlessly reckless with your life or the pocket books of the insurance companies or anyone you get into an accident with.
Put the seat belt on and shut up.
Seat belt laws are unconstitutional because they hinder freedom of choice and empowerment over your body. It is not the place of the government to dictate health risk.

What's next - required helmets to even ride in a car...

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