Is it ilegal to sell a property that is condemned?

like if someone knowingly sells you a houses and sells it as a foreclosure not a condemned house
Answer:   yes, but they would have had to disclose the current status of the house to you. if they didn't and you can prove they knew the status (city usually serves the owner and or places notice on the property) you have cause for recourse.
Demolish the property and sell the land. Hope this helps!
if they know its condemned then i don't see why not
No it is not illegal as long as the condemnation is disclosed to the prospective buyers. Yes it is illegal to sell it as repossessed if seller has prior knowledge of condemnation. The buyer in such a transaction has legal recourse against the seller AND any licensed real estate agent involved in the transaction. Even if the agent didn't know about the condemnation the courts generally hold that "he should have known" because it's his duty to research the property he represents.
It's legal to sell a condemned house, but it's not legal to misrepresent the house as foreclosed instead of condemned.

And it's not legal to sell a house without disclosing a material fact that would alter your decision to purchase the house. The fact that it's condemned certainly counts as a material fact.

When the purchaser or the new lender orders title work, the condemned status of the property may be reflected in the title insurance proposal. But it's also a good idea for the purchaser to do their own research to make sure those kinds of issues don't come up.

However, it's definitely the seller's responsibility to disclose if the property is condemned by the local authorities. If the seller discloses the fact to the buyer, but the buyer doesn't review all of the documents and disclosures carefully and misses it, then it's the buyer's fault.

Hope that helps.


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