What are you rights if your boss threatens physical violence on you?

I have a boss that has threatened to string me up in a tree. I've trying going to human resources and no one has done anything about this? Has he committed some type of crime? Can I report him to the police?

File a complaint of grave threats against your boss for trying to string you up to a tree. The complaint can be filed in the Human Resources Department of your company for an administrative case and file a criminal case in the Police Headquarters so that he will be investigated.
Have you ever really seen anyone strung up in a tree? Your boss was just venting some displeasure with something you did or failed to do-- it is just an expression, not a threat.
I think the best thing to do would be to videotape your boss secretly. Make sure that you push his/her buttons and get him to hit you. Then use it to blackmail him to his bosses. Then mail a copy of the tape to his mom.

Can I have a cookie?
you can report ANYONE to the police who have threatened bodily harm.

WHY DON'T YOU QUIT!? If you go to the police on your boss, don't you think you would get fired?

IF he threaten to kill you, that's a crime.
IF he threaten to string you up to a tree... THAT SOUNDS LIKE VENTING HIS FRUSTRATION OR ANGER.At any rate, I don't know if the police will do something about it, or consider it a nuisance complaint. Call Police and ask. Tell them you have a bet with a friend that if a boss threatens an employee with personal injury. The threat is a crime and your friend says it isn't so you are calling hoping the police could settle this disagreement.

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