Can the courts charge me with harassment/harassing comunications from over the internet, if I say it wasn't me

I'm being charged with harassment/harassing communications because I told my baby's mama she's a ***** then got off the internet and someone that I know got on my computer when i got up and used the phone and he told her stuff like he'd burn her house down, he'd shoot her and stuff like that pretending to be me. They have no way of proving it was me, nor proving that it wasn't me, so what would happen in court? Would they throw it out
Answer:   You're responsible for anything that you let someone do on your computer. If he was doing it without permission, you can tell that to the judge, and if he is satisfied you're telling the truth you should be OK.
Ok don't lie we all know it was you.No I'm just kidding.
I really don't think there is anything they can do. They may issue a restraining order. But if she has no proof it was you they will drop the case.
That is what happened to me and my husband ( kind of )
We went out to a bar one night and someone had broken a window out of a shop about a half a block away, well we were leaving the bar and got stopped by the cops and they gave us a ticket to be in court because they said it was us that broke the window, well we showed up in court and it was dropped because they had no evidence that it was us.

So I wouldn't really worry about it if I was you, but they may try to get the name of the friend who did write the emails.
You are wrong about they having no way to prove it was you (or your computer).

A few years ago a murderer send a "catch me if you can" kind of message to the police. They traced it back to him, via his Internet service provider, and the telephone company.

Anything can be traced back to your computer; all they need is court order from the Judge and the Internet and telephone companies will give everything to the police.

Your best defense is to tell the true about "your friend". If you don't then you will spend several years in jail thanks to him.
ur ex will go to court and whoop ur @ss n u will never see ur kid again
if it came from your computer, its good enough for them. theyve got that much already, and you werent smart enough to cover your tracks...
your screwed....

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