What does the blanks mean in: Executed in ___ , ___ This___ day of ___, 200___.?

In a Lawsuit Settlement
Answer:   It should read.... Executed in (City), (State), This (day) day of (month), (year). so.... like this...

Executed in Anytown, State, This 25th day of February, 2007.
place and date
Executed in (city), (state/country) This (date) day of (month), 200(last digit of year).
Someone failed to properly fill out the form.
It's the place and date that the lawsuit was settled.

The first 2 are the city and state. The next is the number of the date, the next is the month, and the last is where you fill in the year.

If I settled a lawsuit here, today, that would say... "Executed in Akron, Ohio. This 25th day of February, 2007"

it's just for documentation and it's probably the least important sentence on the whole document.
In legal documents that I have encountered, the blanks indicated what is filled in below:
"Executed in (name of county), (name of state) This (day eg, 25th) day of (Name of Month) 2007 (year)."
Fill them in with: city, state, day of month as ordinal (e.g., twenty-fifth), month, year.

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