Is it illegal to falsely accuse some one of stealing?

I agree with the previous posts. It is illegal to accuse someone of stealing if you know that they actually did not steal it. The accused person could sue you for slander or libel, depending on whether the accusation was written or verbal, how many people became aware of the accusation, and how permanent the accusation was (written is more permanent than verbal).

You could also be sued for malicious prosecution or abuse of process. The definition and existence of each depends on the state, but they both generally mean initiating a criminal prosecution for a purpose other than to punish the crime itself. Such a purpose could, for instance, include inflicting injury or revenge on the accused.

That said, however, it is not illegal to accuse someone of a crime if you have a reasonable belief that the accusation is indeed true. Otherwise, no one would ever get prosecuted for any crime. It is the knowing falsity component of the accusation that makes a false accusation illegal.

Hope that helps.
If the accuser knows what they are saying is false, yes.
Yes. You could be prosecuted for wasting police time (if they became involved because of your lie) and defamation of character.
Well, yes if you're reporting that to a store, or police dept. As far as chit chatting with a neighbor, that's considered libel and slander...
Yes it's called slander, if that person looses his job or is otherwise hurt financially you can get sued. Doesn't have to be stealing either basically falsely accusing anyone of criminal wrong doings can be a crime.

The difference between slander and a liable suit is slander is word of mouth and liable is when you either put it in writing or post on the internet.
Falsifying a police report is in fact a crime, but only if you have intent and know it is a wrongful accusation.
It is both illegal and unethical to falsely accuse anyone of anything. That being said, it would be silly (i.e. penny wise but ultimately considered to be 'pound foolish)' to attempt to 'litigate' a simple accusation on it's own merits. Only if such an accusation could be shown to be a demountable harm could you possibly prevail in a court of law. Blessings...
Yep if you did and you know that someone else or you committed the theft your in deep trouble. If someone you know did it turn them in it will straiten them out most likely.

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