What does it feel like to get tased?? Can anyone describe it in detail?

I have to get taser training tommorrow at work. I am a Police Officer, and I have never had it done to me before. Part of the training, like pepper spray is everyone has to get tased to know what it feels like and fight your way through it. Anyone with legitiamte experience on this who can prepare me for what I will feel?

It's not to bad.

Ive been stunned with stun guns a couple hundred times and hit with a taser a bunch to.

I used to be a trainer for Nova, the company that invented Stun Guns.

It will hurt like heck, but only when you are actually being tasered.

As soon as they take their finger off the firing button, the pain stops and there is no after effects of pain at all.

Being tasered is a little different than being hit by a stun gun.

Being tasered has more of a immobilzation effect and you might be disoriented for a min or so afterwards.

But generally in training, you are not tasered for the full 8 secs, so it won't be as bad.

But it is important for you to feel the effects yourself.

1. It will give you more confidence in the taser.
2. It will allow you to tell a jury, that you have been tasered yourself, if you are ever called to testify in a trial after you taser someone.

I used to stun myself in the leg at the National Sheriffs Association and International Association of Police Chiefs conventions to show it wasn't dangerous.

I can pretty much tell you what you will say when you are tasered.

" Jesus Christ, mother fu*ker, son of a bi*ch"
A giant electrical shock. You have no control over your body and there may be burn marks where the prongs hit you.

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