Is it legal for a manager to edit time card records?

The company at which I work allows for a thirty (30) minute meal break for every 6 hours of work. I typically don't take the entire 30 minutes for meals, so I only punch out for but no less than 20 minutes. During time to submit payroll, my supervisor arbitrarily edits my time card information changing some 20 minute unpaid breaks to 30 minute breaks. In essence, I am not getting paid for 10-40 minutes of work each pay period. However, this is only done to anywhere between 1 and 4 days in a 10 day pay period. The other breaks are left unaltered, so the editing isn't in order to comply with company policy.

Is it legal for my manager to arbitrarily edit my time card records without my consent or acknowledgement? Thanks.
Answer:   Report it to your shop steward or union rep! If the company does not have a policy that says you have to take a full 30 minutes or that the meal break is automatically 30 minutes then you are being cheated. Ask some of your co-workers if they have noticed the same on their cards. Think about how much money this is costing you over the course of a full year. I'd bet you could buy more than one full tank of gas with what you are being cheated out of. I'd also bet your supervisor gets a yearly bonus for being such an "efficient" manager.
Nope - it's fraud.
Depends on your company's policy. Read your company manual.
Talk to your boss about this and see his reason. If he has been doing it and doesn't have a good reason, tell the cops.
yes it is illegal.
Of course it's not legal

You need to read your state's labour law, and start writing down your own hours. Either photocopy your time card before it is edited or keep your own records. Then you can take the company to court for the unpaid wages you are owed for the time you were working that was deducted from your pay cards.

Another thing, you should be getting at least one paid break during a six hour shift, perhaps two fifteen minute breaks.
Depends. If your company schedules you and requires requires you to take 30 minute breaks, they can.

Don't assume because you don't want your whole break that they have to pay you for it.

Bottom line, take all of your break time.
Generally managers change the time cards when employees try to sneak in extra minutes either by clocking in early, clocking out late. This is because you are being paid a set rate for a specified length shift and if you cheat and try to work extra that would show up in the red as overtime that wasn't agreed to by the company.
No, it is not legal for your manager to alter your time cards so that you are not getting paid for time you have worked. You need to talk to your manager or someone above him about this. There may be a company policy requiring you to take the full 30 minutes but they need to tell you about it and they can't just alter your time card because of it. If there is a policy and you don't take the thirty minutes, you could get it trouble at work so find out. If I were you I would start keeping a log of every time you punch in and out at work so that you have it documented if your manager tries argue how much time you actually took.
No that is not legal at all. If u are off the clock then true enough u shouldn't get paid for those minutes. Now u clock back in and work the 10 minutes and plus the remainder of your shift so u should get paid for that. If I was you I would call the Corporate Office on your manager and let them know what is going on with your hours.
If the company has scheduled labor and is taking into account that everyone takes a 30 minute unpaid break, you and any other employee that does not take their full thirty minutes may be adding labor costs that the manager does not want. You should always ask the manager if it is okay to come back early from your break because the manager may not want you to be back early. I believe that is your manager's rationale for editing your punches.

Your manager is making a mistake by not informing you of the edited punches. Policy varies from company to company and from state to state, but your manager should show you your edited punch record at least every pay day. I know that California requires a daily reckoning.

You should discuss this problem with your manager so that you are both clear on what is expected with the break issue. That way, there will be no more conflict on either side.
There are OSHA regulations regarding how long an employee can work without a break. These regulations were put in place to protect the employee, not the employer. You are choosing not to honor the 30 min break offered by your employer. That is you choice. However, if your time card reflects this, and you expect to get paid for this time, your employer could be in jeopardy of breaking regulations. I don't know why your employer is only altering SOME of your time cards. As an employer, I would make damn sure my employees did not put in at risk for problems with OSHA. Also, I would make sure that my employees were not getting paid for overtime that had not been previously authorized.

The whole thing sounds like it's being handled badly. You should talk to your supervisor and find out what's really going on. But neither you, nor your employer, can waive OSHA regulations because you choose to.
No one here can answer your question because for one, we don't know where you work (in what country or state) and two, we don't know why the manager is doing it.

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