What happens if you bounce 4 checks and the bank doesn't pay the place that the checks were written out to??

Besides the overdraft fees...

The place that they were written out to can collect the money from you directly, and take you to court if you don't pay.
You can be arrested for writing bad checks. It's against the law.
NSF fees from the places you bounced checks to. Keep doing it and you go to jail for kiting checks.
Pay or go to jail.
They will usually attempt to run them through your account one more time before they turn them over to the District Attorney's worthless check unit, which could bring felony charges depending on the amounts and your state's laws.

Your best bet is to get the money in your account immediately, and contact each place directly to ask them to please run the check back through. Some businesses may not give it a second try though, and may have already turned it in to the DA. If that has happened to any of them, get in touch with someone in their worthless check unit right away and be prepared to pay right then through the DA's office.

You can also pay the places in cash, but be sure they give you the check back, or a get a receipt in case it rears its ugly head later with the DA.
Contact whoever you wrote the bad checks to and pay them in cash, immediately. You may also owe them penalties for writting them a bad check. If you don't pay them the penalty they will turn the matter over to the police.

It is a very serious matter.

If you get convicted of writting bad checks three times you can go to jail for life under the "three strikes you're out" laws.
If you don't take care of the unpaid charges, the store may forward your information on the the local prosecutor office and you may end up with a warrant for hot check writing.
Take care of the unpaid checks yourself if the bank won't do it. You don't want to be hauled into court over this.
You'll probably get letters or calls from the places that the checks were written out to asking you to pay the amt plus the bounced check fee, usually $20.

They might not let you write checks there anymore, depending on the store.

Make sure that your bank didn't pay them as a curtosy, and just charge the the fee for paying them for you, because most banks will pay them up to a certian amount, and then just charge you that fee for not returning them unpaid. You can usually tell the difference by the way the fee reads, non sufficient funds is usually returned unpaid, OD or Overdraft is where they pay them and charge you.
It is not the banks job to pay the businesses it is yours. When you bounce a check it obviously means there was not enough money in the account to cover it. So when you wrote the check it is like handing the cashier at the place you wrote it counterfeit money. You need to go to that business and make it right with them. It is not the banks fault that you wrote a bad check. The place of business is out that money until you take care of it but the bank also charges the business a fee usually around $10.00 to 25.00. So if you write a bad check to my place of business for say 25.00 my account will be charged not only the 25.00 that the check was written for but also debit their fee of 10.00. You will need to not only pay the bank overdraft charges but also the business you wrote the checks at. The business got the screws put to them when you gave them a bad check. Get it?
You can get 5 years in prison (California) for writing bad checks.
depends what state u live in WI it will just go on yr credit but in MO u will go to jail

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