Searching employees personal belongings?

your employers are allowed to search your bag and your car, it will be written in your contract, all the best
because....How about finishing the question
You should detail this question a little better simply because there are rights and wrongs to it. Employers do have the right in SOME situations, but they are limited. I managed a restaurant for 4 years, I can help but I'd need to know a bit more about the situation.
Not sure what your question is... If its can you search them, then yes, as long as you have their permission to do so. We make it part of their contract that they will have their bags searched every time they leave the store (we're a retailer). You can't remove items from their bag to have a better look, but you can ask them to move things or take them out.
Seriously finish your questions, I know a lot about the law, our rights and the rights of your employer. And could probably answer your question for you if you be a little more specific.
Uh oh, what have you been doing, Sandra??
Scottish Law- it is illegal to search someone unless you are a police officer, security guards in shops do not have any right to search you or touch you as this can be classed as assault.
If you are asking is it legal, check out this link it should answer any questions you have;

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