Is it illegal to have a wedding in a public park?

Do I need a permit for it? Is it better to not try to get a permit if i need one and not tell the park because they might not let me and probably won't notice if I'm havin a wedding there?

The park (Arboredum) is pretty damn big and I could probably find a place where it's secluded and un-obvious.

Do they have a right to kick me out? It's PUBLIC, isn't it?

You will need a permit at the Arboredum. The word public is misleading. It means it is owned by the government, not the public. They can and do charge additional fees to use the facilities, on top of the tax dollars that are used to fund the operation. Just get the permit and have a good time, hopefully this will be your only wedding so do it right and don't try to pinch pennies over a permit.
girl just get a permit.would you wanna find out the hard way? I'm sure it only takes a quick phone call
It is public, and it's not illegal, but you more than likely need a permit. Just contact the local parks department in the city where the park is and ask -- it's almost certainly just a very short form and maybe a small fee.
I doubt they just wouldn't notice, and you wouldn't want your wedding to be ruined or crashed by some law-crazy park rangers. Just get the permit if you need it.
At least here in our city it is not illegal at all and you don't need a permit. All we have to do is let the city know that we want to reserve the shelter or gazebo or whereever for the day/evening.

Good luck with the wedding plans.
Pay the little bit of money for a special permit. It's worth it.

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