I live in Michigan and I just got fired for no reason. Can I still collec unemployment.?

Go ahead and file for unemployment; if you employer disputes it, they will need to submit a dispute that it was for just cause, if not, then you will get unemployment.
There is no such thing as being fired for no reason, there is always a reason. As long as the firing was "no fault of your own" you should be able to collect unemployment.
Nobody gets fired for no reason. Depending on the reason you were fired, you might be able to collect unemployement. It doesn't hurt to apply.
Subjective. you say no reason but what will they say? Not saying you're wrong . just saying they may fight it.
That is, in fact, the quinstessential reason unemployment exists. As long as you were fired through no fault of your own, you qualify for unemployment. See the site below.
if you got fired you were told why so it was not for no reason

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