Can anyone sign for a Certified Letter?

Or is it just the recipient that can sign for it?
Answer:   I always thought it was the recipient that had to sign.
Anyone can sign for it - at least that's my guess. I send letters certified and when I get them returned, they're not necessarily signed by the person I sent it to (I'm sending them to doctors, so they usually have their office managers go pick them up or something).
Anyone who LIVES in the residence where the person whom you are sending the certified letter to and they have to be a at least 18 years of age. A minor CAN NOT sign for a certified letter.
No other exceptions apply!
It depends on the situation. I work in a corporate mail room. We have an outside courier that picks up our mail at the post office and signs for Certified mail addressed to anyone at the company. If you want mail delivered to a specific person, the post office offers "Restricted Delivery".

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