How to have someone mentally ill, committed in PA state?

serious answers only, please!

I watched a show on CNN called 'criminally insane' about having people committed and PA is one of the states where this option is available. My family would like to have my uncle committed who we beleive is mentally ill. It's a long story but I'll tell you the most recent thing he has done - he got on a bus and went down to Georgia state on a bus (almost 2 day ride) without any clothes packed or anything . He didn't tell us where he was going, now he has called from down there and says he is returning on the bus! This incident follows a STEADY decline in his behavior and attitude, he was recently fired from a job he had for 10 years. Where can I find more info on having a family member committed in PA? What are the laws on this?

See Title 15, Article 1, Section 7301
"Persons who may be subject to involuntary emergency examination and treatment"

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