Does your food stamps balance carry over to the next month if not used?

Hey .. i have food stamps and i just wanted to know if i dont use all the money does the remainder get carried over to the next month or do you lose it ? thanks in advance
Answer:   They do carry over, I once needed them for a short time, and I used coupons for my groceries with the food stamps to stretch them further.
All rude commenters need to remember we all pay into the food stamp funds and we are all entitled to use it as a hand up, as longs as people don't use it as a "life style" don't judge them.
food stamps? how about a job.

you sell em to someone for half price so you can buy cigarretts and beer
Spend your internet play-time working and you won't need to bother.
What you should do is buy a case of beer (with cash). Then, find a bum and trade the beer for like $40 in food stamps. Step 3: Find a woman with 10 kids and trade all the food stamps for slightly less than their face value.

Result? Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money!
yes they carrie over to the next month
Any benefits that you have remaining in your Food Stamp EBT account at the end of the month WILL be carried over into the next month.

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