What does it mean when your told the complaint is upheld against someone?

Answer:   It means that whatever the complaint was, it has been found to be true e.g. If you complain that someone ripped you off and they say they didn't and your complaint was upheld, then the court has decided that what you are saying is true and you deserve your money back or compensation etc.
Your complaint is upheld?
It means that your complaint has been varified and has been found to be true.
it means that the complaint is recognised as a legitimate issue. for instance. a convicted murderer who has an appeal. if the appeal fails the the original conviction is upheld. hope that helps.
it means you have won the case.
the person that brought the complaint to court (the complaint) has won the case
It means that the court (or whoever) thinks the complaint is valid.
It means that the case was won by the person bringing the action and the person against whom it was brought has been found liable for it was by the court.

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