Do priests have to report crimes they learned of in confession?

And are Bishops/Cardinals, etc. required to report crimes of a priest when learned in confession? Or are they legally required to keep that info secret?
Answer:   They are bound by their oath, not the law. They can report things they hear in confession but they would lose their priesthood. Of course their are exceptions to the rule. A priest has an obligation to protect people as well. For example, if someone confesses they are going to kill someone or blow up a mall, etc. then the priest will report it.

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short answer no
No, they are not required to call the police. They are also not legally bound to secrecy. The Catholic Church doctrine is what binds them. Although morally any serious crime I suppose they could leave an anonymous tip.
Just like ordinary citizens, clergy can be proescuted for not notifying authorities of a crime they know of. Television and Film made it popular to believe that they are offered some sort of protection that doesn't apply to the rest of society; but in short, if someone tells their priest that they (committed a crime) or (are going to commit a crime); then they have an obligation to notify someone in law enforcement.
Generally, they are not required to report any past crimes that would be covered by the clergy evidentiary privilege.

Most states make exceptions for statements about future crimes, or for crimes involving child abuse or elderly abuse.
I believe the seal of the confessional does not allow them to report a crime if they hear it.
no, with the exclusion of child abuse or neglect. But they cover this up with that little window between them and the confessioner, they can claim they didn't know who it was.
No, they are not allowed to do so.

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