Can you find out if a fine has been paid by someone else?

if someone in the uk pays a fine is there anyway that i could access this information over the internet

Yes....any thing is possible
I would hope that was priveleged information and subject to Data Protection. Perhaps you should explain why you need to know ...?
no but ring the justice of the cort and ask them the balance on the fine like you wont to pay it of and they will tell you wot's od
No. Fines paid into court are handled by the Fines and Fees Office of the court concerned (usually the local court of the person fined, to which the burden of collecting the fine will ultimately be transferred unless it is paid within a few weeks of being imposed) and they will only divulge information to you if you are in fact the person fined. You are not entitled under the provisions of the Data Protection Act to access these details otherwise.
I don't think you can do it on the internet but the court may be able to help

Yes, you can.

Simply phone the court and ask them if the account has been cleared or what the balance is and they will tell you.

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