Is it legal to tan nude in your yard?

When theres a few spots where your neighbors can see you if they are in the top floor of their home?
Answer:   It really depends on where you live...
But if your neighbours DO see anything (and are offended) - they can easily call the cops!

Simply going topless is less likely to draw attention - and it's complete legal here in Ontario (since 1996), as well as a few other places (including many in Europe)
i think thats indecent exposure..
I guess it depends on where you live. I would think that if anyone is able to see you then yes it would be. Get a room divider ( you could fold them up later) and set outside to shield you from neighbors.
nope, if someone see you and calls the cops you can get arrested for indecent exposure
I have seen a lot of people tanning nude in thier yards from my brothers airplane, but from upstairs next door? I guess it depends on the circumstances, why not put up something to block the view?
It is not totally illegal. but it depends which country you are in. and if your neighbour have problem with that you might not be able to do it by law it will condemned as public obscenity. Thanks but if you clear from your neighbours that is not a problem at all.
No, you can be arrested for Open and Gross Lewdness. For some reason Americans have a perverted sense of clothing.
You didn't say where you live, but believe it or not there's no law against public nudity in most places in America. Everybody thinks it's illegal, so they keep their clothes on, but in most places, the law is silent. On the other hand it might be considered disorderly conduct or something.
Depends on your state and your neighbors. Here in good old California If lets say a nieghbor's kid saw you and the parents caught them They could have you arrested for indecent exposure. Or even sue you for the distress and damage you caused them and their child emotionally, spiritually. But once again I live in CA And also that is extreme so If you think your neighbors might be of some overly oppressive religion or something then keep your pants on.
in ny topless is completly legal.
NO! And it is a sin against God. If God had intended for us walk around nude we would have been born that way. Oh, huh, uh, oh, never mind.
I'm sure there are some laws against it in some locations, but if you take reasonable steps to sheild yourself from others, you shouldn't have any trouble.

We live in a typical suburban neighborhood with a privacy fence. I have some bushes around the edge of the yard. I often lay out nude, but pick spots where I'm not in full view of either neighbor.

If someone sees me, they have to be TRYING to see me. You can't claim that you were offended, if you went out of your way to be offended.

Barefoot (and nude) Tex

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