What Does Defacing A Coin Mean?

does that mean your scratching out the face print on the coin, or that your copying the print of the coin so you can make ''false look-alikes"?

is it a indictable or summary offence?
Answer:   changing the look of the coin....scratching, adding metal, painting....all defacing.
Putting a D on the face.

1. to mar the surface or appearance of; disfigure: to deface a wall by writing on it.
2. to efface, obliterate, or injure the surface of, as to make illegible or invalid: to deface a bond.
Coloring the money,putting holes,dents ,initials yeah its probably unlawful if you get caught somewhere down the line.
Filing or altering in any way so it looks different than how it was minted.
Defacing money is only illegal if you're trying to pass it it off as something else. For example, writing $5 on a $1 bill and trying to use it as a five. Writing your initials or whatever on it isn't illegal.

It was orginally enacted because people would shave the edges off the silver coins to save the scrap silver. That doesn't really pertain to today's money.

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