Is it legal to fly a Mexican flag in America? or Any flag that is not American?

i am not prejudice. i am of latin decent, but, i'm American.
my neighbor has this huge Mexican flag flying over his house. i want to ask him to replace it with the American flag, or at the very least fly the American flag next to his. should i just mind my own business?

In most places it's perfectly legal, but there are a few backwoods redneck towns in the U.S. (such as Pahrump, Nevada) where it's actually illegal to fly any foreign flag without an American flag right next to it. However, there's no way those laws would withstand a Constitutional challenge. Incidentally, there are several states in the U.S. which still have old laws on their books against burning or otherwise "desecrating" the American flag, but those were invalidated by at least 2 Supreme Court decisions. I don't personally approve of people displaying the flags of their home country without the U.S. flag, or vandalizing our flag, but you should have a legal right to do what you want with your own property.
Tell him if Mexico is so great, GO BACK!
It's not illegal but it is offensive. If he's that much into his country, go home.
No, it is not illegal, it is seen all the time.
Yes, it is legal to fly any flag you want. My wife is a Filipina; my oldest son was born in Germany, so, out of respect, he has the American, Philippine and German flags.
If more than one flag is flown, follow flag ettiquette (any VFW, DAV or American Legion post will be happy to provide it).
I would say, let him fly his Mexican flag. More people need to be patriotic.
Mind your own business. Any flag is not illegal in the US , you could fly a Nazi flag if you wanted to. Your head would eplode if you lived in NYC , people fly flags from all types of other countries
You can fly any flag in the U.S. that is not offensive as long as you follow the guidelines of the Flag Code when it comes to flying the U.S. Flag.

In my hometown, we have a street called Street of the Americas where every flag from every country in the Western hemisphere is flown.
Its not illegal, why don't you fly a great big American flag.
The United States of America was originally founded on principles such as freedom of expression. So, as long as this principle is upheld, it is legal to fly flags of other countries.
You can fly any country's flag you want. It would be nice if he had both - I mean, he is living here and apparently enjoying the benefits, etc. But, he doesn't have to.
Of course it's legal. I think you should mind your own business. If your neighbor painted his house bright purple, I bet you wouldn't like that but do you really want the government to regulate everything that annoys you?

Different flags have been flown by different groups for many years but nobody noticed until now.
In the land of the Free and home of the Brave, he has been given the right to fly whatever flag he chooses. No one can make him fly any flag other than that of his choosing.

Now the good part. In the land of the Free home of the Brave, you have the right to express your opinions to anyone you choose as loudly as you want. I am biased because i am also an American but I would just remind him of why he has the right to fly the flag of his choosing and live the life he chooses: it is because of the men and women that came before him that have either died for us or are currently keeping us all safe. Let him know that the symbol to show our gratitude to those people is Old Glory.
Its a free country..simple as that..Why let it bother you as long as you can fly the American flag ?
Unless he's breaking a local zoning code, he has every right to fly whatever flag he do you. Take pride in your heritage. Let others take pride in their's.

Seeing a Mexican flag makes me more proud to be an American than Old Glory does. Every country has a national flag...only in a country as free as this one can you fly one of the others without fear.
I can't think of any law that makes it illegal. I don't know that I'd even bother him about it. He'd probably get more satisfaction out of it being brought to his attention and telling people No.
I don't think there's anything wrong with it, there's nothing wrong with having pride for where you came from. It's the same as someone of Italian descent flying an italian flag, or a Scotsman flying a scottish flag -- you get the idea. It's certainly not illegal.

If our right to free speech means you can burn a flag, then I'm pretty sure you can also fly one.

I suppose you could tell him to replace it, but why? Seems to me like it would only invite trouble, especially since it's over his house and not yours. Why don't you fly your own U.S. flag instead of complaining?
It is legal for him to fly a Mexican flag. If you would prefer to see an American flag, then put your own up.
It is his right. As long as he is not burning flags there is no problem. You could buy a really big American flag and fly it over your house and show that Americans can be proud of their country while immigrants that make up a large part of our population can be proud of theirs too because it is a free country and we love and respect people from other countries as much as we love and respect our fellow Americans. I am American and German and have lived half my life in America and half in Germany. I curently live in Germany and attend an American high school. Outside the school we fly the American flag the German flag and because of all the French exchange students we fly the French flag just to make them feel welcome. I remember seeing the French flag and hearing some guys talking about how it is not right because this is not their country. A teacher was standing near by and heard them and promptly reminded them that our school is an international school and that it is not a competition between countries and it is only a representation and welcoming symbol. These high school kids understood what she meant and I guess I kinda did. The Mexican dude next door wants to show he loves Mexico and that Mexicans are living there and because of the poloitical change happeining in America now I would say we should first get used to it and secondly embrace it beacuse it makes our population a much more diverse cultural and economically stable one.
I'm not sure of the legaility of it - but it is at the least, offensive.
The American Flag must fly higher than any other flag that is flown - such as state flags.
There is a such thing as flag ettiquette. It states that when another nation's flag is flown, the American flag takes the precedence and the other nation's flag flies at the same height.
Rather than get into an argument with your neighbor and cause some serious neigborly relations war, why not print out a copy of the ettiquette, and obtain an American flag kit and give both to your neighbor.
If these people are desiring to become American, they should respect our country, and our flag. If the are not wanting to become American, they why are they here?
it is ok to do but you should really fly an american flag to show him how patriotic you are. and remember in other countrys you dont have that freedom. i am an american but i am not allowed to fly my flag anywere well i am in turkey. so show your troops some support and fly that flag for us who cant
Yes it is legal. It is legal to fly the Irish flag and many carry one on St. Paddy's day. The Italian flag fly with many on Columbus Day. (Ever notice how much alike those two flags are? See below) Why should the those of other decents not be able to celebrate say Cinco Di Mayo.
What the real issue that comes up is there is a lot of resentment against illegals in this country and flying the Mexican Flag seems to many to show that there is no real desire to become American. Also, carrying a Mexican Flag at a "grant us citizenship" rally is just poor taste, and worse, bad politics.
BUT, this is a country that allows free expression. Like the speech or hate the speech, we still have to allow it.
About 30 years ago, a Nazi group wanted to march in Skokie ILL., a town that had many Jewish consentration camp survivors. As a Jew I thought it was a deplorable idea, but I still thought they should have the right to march. (Hey if a few of the marches got hit by falling rocks, dang, how sad). They eventually got the permit to march and they were afraid to do it. They got an assembly permit for a park not in Skokie and about 15 Nazi's showed up. Doing the right thing got the right result. It showed they were chickens.
Now, returning to your problem in this question. If you are friends with the person, you might try talking to them. If not, leave it alone. You can fly an American Flag yourself. That will be all the statement you have to make.
It is both legal and offensive,but then we are the land of the free.Try flying the American flag in Mexico and see where it get you.

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