When Does Child Support End?

Is there ever a time when child support ends when the ex-wife gets remarried or even then does the ex-husband still have to pay? Because I am just curious that my friend's parents are divorced and his mom got remarried but his dad still pays child support. So does it just end when they turn 18?

Yes 18 or whenever the one paying dies
never....oh, until you die...
yea, when they turn 18 it ends
18 and a half is when it ends
Child support ends at 18. Alimony ends when the spouse remarries.
It is stipulated in the papers. Normally, it ends when the child finishes high school or college, but is very hard to enforce after age 18.
A child costs money to take care of until they turn 18. The only way you can avoid child support is to take custody of the child. However, I heard there are ways to avoid child support before the child is born if you ask the right attorney.
18 or longer if the child goes to college.
Yep...that's when it ends, when they turn 18. My dad got child support from his ex-wife even after he got remarried and had me with my mom.
Ive always known it to be when the child turns 18 but some are made to pay for the child's college. depends on the divorce agreement. and just because one gets remarried doesn't end child support.
state specific; usually 18 or 21 depending on school status. Remarriage doesn't not make the child yours any longer.
yepp.when they[the kidds]turn 18.and then if there is more then one kid the person still has to pay the same ammount but just for that one kidd.it suckks i know.lol.i am just glad that i am only 14.when i get married there will be no divorse..or no kids.

child support continues till the children are legal adults.most states is 18. Alimony stops when the spouse gets remarried.
Yes, when the youngest child turns 18 the Child Support will end. The father will no longer have to pay the other parent.
when the child turns 18, the step father adopts the child
Yes! It either ends when they turn 18 or whenever the courts decide. But his mother getting remarried does not change the responsibility his father has to his own children and thus must continue to pay the child support.
It ends when the child is 18, UNLESS they decide to go to college, then you still have to pay. Or if the woman decides to drop it.
My mom and dad divorced when i was 2.He paid child support til i graduated college.Not sure if it was a deal between him and my mom or between him and the courts.If I did not go to college it would have ended at 18. I got it til I was 21.
Both parents must support their child to the age of majority. Remarriage has absolutely nothing to do with it. It would be senseless to end child support if one party remarried. Support ends at different ages depending on the state you are in and the circumstances.
It usually ends when the child turns 18 or finishes school. If the ex-spouse remarries that does not relinquish the parent from supporting his or her child.
Yes, child support ends when the child turns 18. Getting remarried will usually stop alimony payments, but not child support. Child support will still have to be paid to the mother even if she gets remarried.
it's doesn't necessarily end when they turn 18 if the child goes to college the courts can decide that child support has to be paid until they are 22 at which time they should have graduated from college, the child has to attend college full-time however. My mom still gets child support for me and I'm 20 but I attend college full-time.
In most states, if the custodial parent gets supplemental income
from someone else (i.e. a new spouse), then the non custodial
parent is at least somewhat relieved of his or her financial

If the custodial parent marries someone that contributes no
money, then the non custodial parent is still on the hook.
18 for child support
alimony depends on the judge's ruling and the agreement
Well when they turn 18.Why would your friend's mom being remarried have anything to do with it?If the guy she is marrying isn't the biological father then it's not his responsiblity to pay for some other man's child.Wife or not...The child is not his.Parenthood and all the obligations that go with it doesn't end just because a marriage does.
The new husband in a relationship is not the Father, so yes the Father still pays. I think court ordered child support ends at 18, but many times it ends when the child gets out of college. I am a mother and I know that Children are a lifetime commitment. We should help our children if we can when they are in need throughout their lives.
When you pay everything you owe. For example, if you are to pay $50 a week until the child reaches 18 years old put you miss 6 months of payments when the child is 16, then you will pay until you make up those payments. I have a friend who right now is making payments and his child is 25 years old, but he missed a lot of years not paying. He's under court order, if he don't pay them he goes to jail.

To your specific question. If the wife remarrys, you still have to pay unless the new husband adopts the child, but then you can only stop paying if the court authorizes it.

In some cases, you may have to pay child support until they reach 21, but again, only if the court orders it.
depending on what their agreement says child support can end as early as 18 years or when the child has graduate from a post secondary institution (aprox. 24 years)

the new marriage doesn't affect the biological fathers need to support the child he created. what your friend should do is ask his parents about their agreement and what it says about his payments. sometimes after parents remarry the parent paying might pay the child directly instead of giving it to the other parent

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