Can I sue my car dealer for giving out personal info to "potential" buyers, like my hometown & MY CELL #??

I got a call on my cell from a woman in town. She knew the make, model & color of my car, the fact we live in the same town & asked if she could "drop by" to look at it. Stated dealer gave her all the info.
Answer:   Rather than sue him, contact the dealership and let the dealer know that your vehicle is no longer their showroom car and that you would appreciate them not disclosing your personal information to their customers. Let them know that you would be pursuing legal action if it happens again. I would file a complaint with the better business bureau.
what would you sue him for?

helping you sell a car?
people like you make me sick at the drop of a hat you'll want to sue just out of greed.

did it occur to you to call the dealer and ask them not to give out your it didnt no money in that eh!
I don't understand... are you trying to sell your car? Is this dealer trying to find buyers for you? I guess in that case it would make sense for him to forward potential buyers to you.

If this is a place where you bought your car. I don't know why they'd have any right to give out your personal info. I don't think it's worth suing over, but call them and state very plainly that you do NOT want them to give out your personal information to anyone.
If you signed a contract for the dealer to sell your car...there had to have been a personal information disclosure somewhere on th need to read before signing anything.
In my country (Canada) you can't sue someone unless you have suffered a loss.

You can, however, report them and file a complaint for violation of privacy under PIPEDA (Federal) or under one of the provincial acts if they are in place. Companies and individuals in violation of these acts are subject to big fines.

Check your state or federal privacy legislation.
all of that information is public and you have no cause of action against the dealer unless you both signed a contract to the effect that your information was not to be given out.

you hae no case.

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