cheating daughter in law?

what would you do if you knew your daughter in law cheated on your son?mouth shut or tell him what you know?

I think that's a difficult situation.

But when you think about it that's your son. He should be your number one priority - not your daughter in law. No matter how much you love them both.

If your son is upset at first I am sure he will get over it. Especially when he knows it came from love.
If it were my son I'd snitch in a heartbeat.
Oh definately tell him!!
Well If that was my mother-in-law of course i would be mad but I would understand because that is her son and she had more loyalties to him than me, and she would be creating less heartache for her son in the end because the sooner he knows, the better. (not that I would ever cheat on my husband - just trying to give a different point of view)
I will tell you what i told another poster with a similar question. One day he will find out and it may come out you knew he may never forgive you. Tell him he may be pissy a while but he would come around. Try and have some proof though and assure him you are telling him cos you love him not cos you hate the daughter in law. Id definately tell him.
I usually mind my own business but if a family member is involved F*UCK the daughter in law, my son, brother or whatever deserves to know the truth. I wont cover her cheating habits!
omfg i would tell the mofo. i would be so mad if someone did that to me. i think personally it would be totally hilarious to see his reaction. i would definetly tell sista
Tough one... That is hard.... Maybe try talking to her? Was it a one time thing? Has your son cheated on her? I am sure tair are other circumstances... But I think it would be good for you to get her to fess up & if she won't then tell him...

Good Luck
I would not tell unless I had proof of some sort, in writing or pictures. If you don't have this proof, it will cause yours and your sons relationships to suffer. He will most likely believe her and you will look like a jealous mother in law.

I definatly feel that he needs to know, but do you really want to be the one to give him the hurtful news?

I just don't want your relationship to suffer because of the bad that she is doing.. How do you know that she is cheating for sure? Do they have kids?
You should talk to her and warn her about what you know and warn her about telling your son. You obviously don't want to hurt your son, he might already know. You should confront her and see what remedy if any you can come up with.

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