My cash drawer was short?

i was like 150 dollars short today in my cash drawer can i get in legal trouble? manager said hes not firing me but what happens if i get fired can i get in trouble by the law even tho i didnt do it? i work in a restuarant
Answer:   You could be investigated and if found to have commited fraud, you could be held liable for repairations. Usually they just fire you.

What probably happened is that someone distracted you, and another person leaned in and grabbed the money. Here is what you should do.

NEVER have your drawer open if your eyes are not fastened on it. If you are talking to someone, shut it most of the way, you don't have to close it. If someoen gives you a ten or a twenty or a five, set it on top of the keypad, make the change, and then give them their change. Then put the bill in the drawer. That way you can't be told, oh hey, I gave you a twenty, and they gave you a ten becasue the bill is on top of the drawer. Yoru manger probably knows it was an accidental theft.

Just be a little more vigilant the next time.
you'll probably have to pay out of pocket.
No, you can't get in trouble.
legal trouble can occur if it can be proven that you stole the money. otherwise, they can, and should fire you if you are that far off on your drawer.
i wouldn't think that you'd get in trouble w/ the law unless your manager pressed charges, but since he said he wasn't going to fire you, i doubt he'd press charges.
if u are working with another person in the same till then they cant do anything to you, or even say anything. If u didnt steal anything then allow them to look at cameras if they try and make u pay
if they can prove that you stole from the company you can get in legal trouble, but if other people have access to the drawer then they won't be able to prove it was you.
Not if management isn't going to press charges. It's their call at this point
maybe you gave some customers to much money back,

as for trouble they will take it out of your check only if they find fault
Your responsible for your cash drawer and if it's short you could be sued in court for the shortage, not to mention a bad mark on your employment history.

Even though you didn't do it, you were in charge of that cash and making sure your employer received it.
That sucks! Keep an eye on your drawer. I don't think you can get in legal trouble, just fired.
Does this restaurant have cameras? They need to check the footage if it does.
you will have to pay it back or be fired
It may be dependent on the state but most in order for them to press charges they have to prove that you took the money or gave it to someone else. They can fire you for shortages because it is a sign that you are not good at handling money which is a part of your job.
Money just dosen't vanish, ethier:
1) You took it
2)someone else took it
3) Your manager can't count
I am a cashier too and as such I am responsible for my own money. After our shift, we reconcile our money. It is us who do this. Not the managers or supervisors because there are dishonest supervisors/managers who will make it appear that your cash drawer is short when actually they take the money so be very careful. There must be three written warnings before they fire you.
no that happened to me once i worked in a courtesy booth at a store i came up 500short yeah thety didnt fire me but i did have to pay them back as*whipes

alot of people told me not to because it would be self incrimminnating

IF you dont have tro pay it back dont
Not unless they can prove you took it, even then they would most likely just fire you. It costs a lot more to press charges and go to court than the $150.00 is worth. These things happen. Keep a much closer eye on your cash drawer. Don't allow anyone else to get in it and if you go on break see if you can lock the cash register and take the key.

I've worked in a restaurant before and it wasn't unusual for the manager to run the register while I went on break. I didn't like it but I made it clear that he would share the responsibility if the cash drawer was short.
if you didn't take and the employer doesn't have any proof of you taking it and packing it, than the answer is no. you see, your employer cannot fire you unless there is a prove that someone caught you. if they fire, than you would get unemployment checks and the employer wouldn't want that to happen. it would be more difficult for the employer to prove reasonable cause to believe the person was stealing. in fact, you can sue if you get fired for defamation of character. don't worry you are not in trouble, especially if you are covered by a union.
First of all, are you the only one that could access the cash drawer? If not then how can all the blame lie on you? If you are the only one on that drawer you're boss could do one of three things. 1. fire you for the missing money or 2. take payments for the money out of you check or tips or 3. do nothing as you have said. If you get into trouble with the law then it would be a misdemeanor and you would probably have to pay court costs too.

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