Is it illegal for someone to open someone else's mail; even if it has their address on it?

My husband had something sent to his aunt's house, addressed to him; but she opened it, and is now telling him she will not let him have it. Isn't that illegal in the U.S.? She said that it wasn't b/c it had her address on it; but still it had HIS name on it.

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Answer:   Yes, your aunt is committing a felony ... and exacerbating it by not allowing him to have what is rightfully his (the letter). That, in itself is called conversion ... taking something that is not hers and converting it to her own use. It's akin to theft.
Yes it is, because sometimes the addresses get mixed up, since it had his name, it is illegal.
Federal regulations prohibit opening mail addressed to someone else, regardless of the physical address. Mail is intended to be person to person, unless addressed "occupant".

There are exceptions for implied agency, such as spouses who regularly open each others mail with each other's consent.

But if the aunt did not have legal authority to open mail that was addressed to your husband, that is a violation of federal postal regulations. It might also be a statutory violation (I'd have to check). But it's the name that matters.
of course it is illegal to open any mail which is addressed to someone else. The address offers no excuse for as long as the name is someone else's! This is a case of abuse of privacy!
It is illegal, we are supposed to give it back to the mail man.
Yes, it is illegal to open other people's mail unless it says or current resident. He should have his stuff sent to your house.
If it has *his* name on it it's *his* mail and she violated the secret of mail (don't know the legal name for this) and the right of property. She has to give him the mail, but if she is that stubborn you'll probably need the help of the police or a lawyer to get the mail.
My understanding it's a federal offence. Just have the mail forward to his address or just get a P O BOX address
Well, it is mail fraud to open someone else's mail.

However, when it is within your family and you have it sent to someone in your family, there could be considered to be extenuating circumstances and chances are it will not be prosecuted -- unless she refuses to give him the mail.

Keep in mind that if she feels that he is doing something illegal using the mail, she can report it and she will get in less trouble than he will.

What is he doing having mail sent to her house as opposed to his own? What is he trying to hide?
She had no right to open the mail .She knows what she did is wrong,but what you want to do about it, depends on how important it is to your husband. At least you now know that she is not to be trusted again
It is absolutley illegal, I believe it is a Federal Offense to open someone elses mail, no matter what address is on it

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