What time can you buy alcohol?

is it 6am or 7am? i know they stop selling it at 2am.

State: Washington.
Country: USA.

in wash state it's 6 AM. you have over an hour to wait. good luck finding a bar open though. only one bar opens at 6 around here.
In NY you can buy beer and booze from 6am - 2am.
do you mean at stores or at bars? I know that the stupid liquor stores close awfully early and you cant even buy hard stuff in stores there, wasnt that a shock the first time i left maine and went out there. If you are talking about beer, well i dont think there is a time limit, and usually the mexican or asian stores will sell to anyone at any time anyway.
around 7 or 8 in the am, depends on the store, some dont even open till about 10 or so
here in california the bars close at 2am and reopen at 6am and most of your am/pm ,quick mart ,and so on stops selling
beer and stuff like that at two am the rules should be the same
in washington state.more or less .
Mon. thru Sat. 7am to 2am
Sun 12pm to 2am

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