By law, how many 15 minute PAID breaks are you supposed to get in an 8 hour workday?

Are we supposed to get two paid 15 minute breaks for every 8 hour shift?? Is this a labor law or not? If so, where can I go to report an employer that is not complying with this law?
Answer:   There are only EIGHT states that have paid rest period requirements in their labor laws. There is no federal law covering rest periods.

You can check on the states that have labor laws covering rest periods at
stop whining and get to work!
This is not a law in the states, at least the state I am in. There are no such laws for adults.
2, call the local Labor Board.
No law requires a paid 15 minute break. Most states don't even have a law requiring a paid lunch.

Talk to the local labor relations board.
2. (or 1hour)

30 minutes of break time for every 4 hours worked.
It was at one time, but am not sure if it still is. Check with the Department of Labor.
no really sure but i think every 4 hours of work = 15 min break.
It is not the an 8 hour day they need to give a lunch break that is a labor can be unpaid
They may at their call give paid or unpaid 15 min breaks...but it is not a law
It's after every 4 hours for specific trade and manufacturing jobs.
I believe its actually two 10 minute breaks and at least 1/2 hour lunch in an 8 hr work day.
It is different in each state. In California it is 15 minutes every four ours which would be two in eight hours plus a 30 minute meal period unpaid
The law changes from state to state. Contact your local congressman to find out the laws in your area.

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