Do you have to tell a future employer that you were fired from your last job?

I was fired about a month ago from a sales position. I have been collecting unemployment and looking for a different position out of sales. I have some interviews coming up and I was wondering if I should tell them about being fired. Would they be able to collect that information on their own? Would they know that I have been collecting unemployment?
Answer:   Hi. I don't believe you "have to tell a future employer that you were fired" but there are ways they can find out. It depends on the type of new position you are seeking. Will you be running into the same people from your previous position?
Yes to your question on collecting unemployment. IF they want, this is part of public records. However...most employers do not go this far when selecting new employees.

If you say you left your former employer due to differences, then that would be true. To collect unemployemnt you DO NOT HAVE TO BE FIRED. You only have to have a VALID REASON FOR LEAVING & you still would be able to collect unemployment. It's not a disgrace to collect what you are entitled to. Maybe you & your previous employer just didn't see eye to eye. That doesn't make you or them bad people...just time for both of you to change.

Good luck in your future endevors!
You just tell them that you were laid off.they won't find out anyway.

companies are so worried about getting slapped with a slander lawsuit that they rarely if ever give any information other than to verify employment.

*I've been there don't have to tell them everything.
If you list the job you were fired from on your resume, or even mention it in the interview, you can expect them to be contacted. If you were fired, they will probably say so and why. It's best to be honest and up front at interviews. Don't be eager to tell them the truth, but don't lie either. Perhaps it won't come up in the interview. And try to make it sound not so bad like "My position was terminated" rather than saying "I was fired".
No, you don't have to volunteer that info. The previous employer by law also, cannot give a specific reason why you left. They can only give your job title and dates of employment. Where they get you sometimes is if the new employer asks, "Would you hire Jane Doe again?" they could say "No" and still be correct under the law. If they answer "no," it may create problems for you.
never tell a future employeer you have been fired. it doesnt look good on u, just tell them you changed jobs for personal reasons like not enough pay or not enough work hours. it works i would know
No to all of those questions. In most states, a former employer would be real stupid to supply a potential employer anything other than the dates that you worked their and whether or not you are eligible for rehire. Your unemployment records will not be available to a new employer. No you have no obligation tell a prospective employer that you were fired from your last job. Simply tell them that you felt your oportunities there were limited and you have decided to move on with other things. That's not a lie right? You had no oportunities left there and you are moving on. Good luck.
Be honest, tell them you had a disagreement unfortunate but never the less a's why; when I place someone on an assignment (Job Placement) I have to check with the unemployment office via your SS#, I check to see if your telling me the truth about the jobs you had, the length of time you were there, not the reason you left tho, then I check with the last employer. So you see I will understand your being let go(as long as it's not thievery)but I don't think if you lie you would be a good employee for my firm. See?

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