Can my workplace make me shave my face or is it considered discrimination because of my looks or religon?

Answer:   Contrary to what many think, this is NOT a very difficult issue. Yes, unless you are a member of a protected status, the workplace has the legal right to set policy of dress and conduct.

So, if they tell you to shave and based on the facts as presented by you, you either need to shave or be fired. And your termination will be perfectly legal.
Very sensitive issue! If I were you though and I wanted to keep my beard I would tell them to f@ck off!
not sure, but if your around food they can make you put a hair net on it
No, Not unless its unsanitary. Its discrimination
I think so because if you dont they can just firer you and replace you in a min. i dont think shaving iis agenst any religon
Your work place can require that you be clean shaved. If you are a member of a religion that requires that you wear a beard and the beard does not create a hazard than they would have to allow you to wear the beard. Even if the beard covers up a "whole lot of ugly" you won't get anywhere with a discrimination suit based on your looks.
Most companies have a dress code which can be interpreted in a variety of different ways. Smaller compnaies usually have it alot easier when setting up rules that are hard to fight since they lack an HR rep. My advice is if you like your job then cut it and don't make a stink. In life we have to pick our battles. I seriously doubt that you are going to win a lawsuit for this...even if you did, it might not be financialy worth it.
depends on your job. if safety or hygiene requires it, then yes and it has nothing to do with your religion. you will just have to choose another job.
The law is a funny thing. If you belong to a religion that requires a beard like Orthodox Judaism, then yes it is discrimination and can probably be fought.

But workplaces have dress codes. Any good employer went over with you in the beginning what the dress code is and they have the right to enforce it if it was discussed with you and you signed off that you understood.

It isn't like they are saying they are firing you or not hiring you because you have a beard. They are saying that to work there, their dress code requires a clean shaven appearance.

If it is a new rule you have a better chance of fighting it but I would discuss it with a lawyer (free consultation) before you put your job in jeopardy
That's a tough one, but possibly provable if you don't work in an environment requiring sanitary conditions.
I recently worked for an employer that required ALL men to be dressed in a shirt AND tie, slacks and dress shoes and MUST be clean shaven including mustaches; where women, of equal public exposure and stature, were allowed to work in jeans, a pullover sweater, and slippers. I tried raising the issue after several customers gave me an earful about how "unprofessional" it was. As the DM was right there, I brought it to her attention. Nothing happened, i went higher, and again another woman who didn't see the problem. I decided to quit because after being groped and propositioned several times by female employees, i had a feeling that nothing would be done.

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