Who owns the airspace over my house?

Also, if planes and helicopters are flying over it, are they technically trespassing?
Answer:   The airspace over your house is owned and controlled by the United States government over a certain elevation (the height depends on your proximity to an airport). The airspace is public and regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The aircraft are not trespassing.
the government owns the airspace...not you...just like you may own the land your house is on, but it's US territory.
If you are in Florida you own it to the middle of the earth unless of course someone has already bought the mineral rights.
umm yeah i guess! hahha cool question! you should take it to court!
You own as much of the airspace as you can build to, subject to building height restrictions.
Your government !!!
tresspassing?? are you looking for some creative grounds for a lawsuit? won't work.
Personally, I think anyone who flies over your house should have to pay for using your airspace...like a cent or 2 for each over flight.

Seriously though, the people of the United States own it collectively, since in the U.S. the people are the government.
no it's not a trespass. it used to be that you owned your land all the way up to the heavens... but when airplanes and stuff become prevalent, they had to change that. they're allowed to fly over your house now. Unless they fly so low that it's bothering you: by either clipping your trees or shaking your house or clouding your land with the plane exhaust.
martians. you can send your complaint by mail to their head quarters at mercury insurance.
You don't own the airspace, nor do you in most cases own the mineral rights. If there is an oil well below your house, you most likely wouldn't get paid anything.

The government has absolute control over the airspace above America. They can make it a no-fly zone, a restricted space, or allow all planes to cross it. Entirely up to them.
Not us the government,and you may not even own the minerals under your home and land.Leogirl is wrong,Florida was all bought up by Rockefeller and re-deeded all mineral rights to them.They payed 1 to 2 cents a acre,more slimy wealthy tactics.

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