Inheritance law in Singapore?

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I am retired and about to transfer my money to a bank in Singapore. I live partly in Europe and Thailand and have a son with my common law partner. I recently made my last will where I stated that 75 percent of my fortune should go to my son and 25 percent to my common law partner. Now I hear different stories about the inheritance tax in Singapore. (Even from my bank). Some people say there is no inheritance tax at all. Some say there is. Others tell me that it has been extremely difficult in the past for the heirs to get their money out of Singapore. Apparently they even had to go to court in some cases. Maybe somebody can give some information. Otherwise I must probably hire a lawyer in Singapore. Which is never cheap as we all know. Thank you very much for your replies. Lars Benvenido
Answer:   Good to hire a tax lawyer in Singapore. Tax Law is quite a convoluted area, not easy to really understand its nuts and bolts. Do a google or yahoo search on inheritance law in Singapore, you will find some useful information. However, nothing beats having proper legal advice from a reputable attorney in Singapore. All the best!
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